Get your own luxury house of your dream


Written by Miss. Pamela Obasi

At some point, we all get tired of staying in rented apartments.  We would want to occupy our own home and stay away from all the drama that comes with rent payment and being a tenant. In fact, for some, moving from a renter to a homeowner can be one of life’s greatest achievements because they feel extremely fulfilled and excited to reside in their home. Most often, it is usually the number one goal on their to-do list when they’ve hit a jackpot, especially in a country where the thoughts of being a tenant is burdensome.

However, there can be certain requirements that might seem crazy and very expensive in order to own a home. If you’ve got your sight set on homeownership, you are on the right track. No matter how long you think the goal might seem. In that case, we’ve got you covered with some steps to being a home owner in Nigeria.

Below are few steps to achieving being a home owner in Nigeria:

  • Decide on your property type and Location

In order to become a home owner, it is important to decide the property type you desire. It could be an empty land to build, a developed land, an uncompleted house or well-furnished house. Knowing this would enable you understand your plans and how to go about it. It would also help you work effectively towards your budget and what you can afford. For the location, you must decide the kind of area you want. It should be something you are happy with and would love at the long run.

  • Decide on your budget and work towards it

This is an important aspect to achieving the dreams of becoming a home owner.You need money to buy a house. Therefore, it is advisable to understand your financial situation. Once you have a clear understanding of the type of house you want, you would be able to know which you can afford. It is also vital to know how the money would be sourced. If you have saved over time and can instantly afford a home, whether built or bought, perfect. If not so, you need to source for a loan or research on registered housing schemes E.g.  National Housing Fund Scheme (N HF).

  • Engage a reputable real estate agency or Hire a real estate agent.

Engaging a real estate agency, a real estate agent or lawyer makes the search for a property of your choice or specification easier. They not only save you stress but guide you through the maze of being a home owner in Abuja. In that case, when contacting any of the three, it is essential to know which agency or agent you are getting involved with.  Ensure they are professionals who are honest and credible. And if it is an agency, ensure they are registered. You can check out this real estate agency: Sow Real Estate.


  • Investigate the property

Relevant research and investigation is vital while heading to acquire a property or home.  You must ensure you know the real owner of the property. And if someone represents him, you must ensure the individual has the authority of the owner. Getting a lawyer in this case, would play a role as he/she will assist in conducting the search and examining the property.


  • Conduct Inspection of the property

Inspecting the property is another very important thing to do before acquiring a home. You must personally and carefully inspect the property before any action.  If you are buying a ready-made property, if possible, visit with family, friends or any professional before a decision is taken. Furthermore, check similar properties and be convinced on your choice before commitment.

  • Negotiate

After proper investigation of the land or property and both the buyer and seller are satisfied that the deal can move on, negotiation comes in. This is a matter of agreeing to an acceptable price and it is important to have a good idea of what properties like that are sold for. This would help in the negotiation process and keep you on the right track as to whether the amount being negotiated represents fair market value of the property.

  • Get the Genuine Document

Buying a house is one of the largest purchases one can make. Therefore, when indulging in property buying, you must make sure the terms of your contract are properly understood.

  • Deposit and possess

After the above procedures have been completed, payment can be made. At this point the seller and buyer are both satisfied and have concluded agreements. The buyer is now in possession of all original tittle documents and transfer document which automatically makes him/her the rightful owner of the property or land.

  • Post Completion

As soon as the buyer has taken full possession of the property, filing of all necessary documents should be done with the appropriate government authority. Once the government’s consent is attained, a Certificate of Occupancy is given which completes the property transaction. If it is a land, the land automatically becomes the buyer’s when it is registered and both parties have signed the transfer document.